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From Our Users: We Love SmartStoveTM

Our users have come to depend on SmartStoveTM to keep their stoves running efficiently.  Even early beta testers reported it was more convenient even while they pointed out where we could make subtle improvements.  They have given us regular feedback

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6 Ways SmartStoveTM Improves Wood Stoves

We’ve found the¬†SmartStoveTM control system improves users’ experience of heating with wood stoves in a number of ways. Our users report the control system has managed their wood stoves year after year, while making the stoves safer, cleaner and easier

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Alliance for Green Heat Introduces SmartStove

SmartStove was featured on the Alliance for Green Heat blog, back in August. With the Wood Stove Decathlon just around the corner now, we wanted to post a link to the story again, which gives the background on how the

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