SmartStove Featured in Popular Mechanics Q&A

SmartStoveTM was recently featured on the website of Popular Mechanics, during a Q&A with Massachusetts-based inventor Dan McFarland. SmartStoveTM will compete in the Wood Stove Decathlon Nov. 16-19 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. against 13 other finalists to build next-generation wood stoves that are low-emission, high-efficiency, innovative and affordable.
Unlike every other Decathlon finalist, Dan design is not primarily a stove, but a retrofitted off-the-shelf stove design. His SmartStoveTM control system was developed to be integrated into wood stoves currently in production as well as field upgrades.

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We have an excerpt of the Q&A with David Agrell here, with a link to the full story below. You read about the other finalists and vote for SmartStoveTM for Popular Mechanics’ People’s Choice Award.


Give me your elevator pitch. What does this system do?


SmartStove makes wood heat easier, safer, and more efficient. It is an integrated control system that enables an existing wood stove to control itself without requiring user intervention once the firebox has been loaded and lit. This frees you to go about your life without being tied to monitoring and adjusting the stove.

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