From Our Users: We Love SmartStoveTM

Our users have come to depend on SmartStoveTM to keep their stoves running efficiently.  Even early beta testers reported it was more convenient even while they pointed out where we could make subtle improvements.  They have given us regular feedback as we perfected the system, which they tell us runs like a dream. We’ve collected a couple reviews here.

Theo Hartmann in Virginia commented on our Facebook page about his experience as one of the earliest users of SmartStoveTM.

“The system comes back every year like a champ after being dormant (call that neglected, unplugged and shoved in a drawer) for the warmer months. I have been using SmartStove since 2009 and it was a bit of a rough ride at first but now with the wireless interface, the teething problems have been sorted out and the system is really a dream for us. No more messing with the draft control. “Set it and forget it” or whatever they say in that advert.

The chimney sweep told us that whatever we are doing is top notch. No problem with the flu and cleaning was not really required since his last visit several years ago. When we showed him the system, he laughed and cried at the same time. What he really meant was: These people are nuts but I really want one like this for my stove!

Joke aside, this is one of the best things I did in a long time and me and my wife could not be happier. We have the stove going from November til March non-stop. Something we would not have imagined before. Comfort of a wood burning stove, a warm basement and big savings on our heating bill.”

Jeremiah Benjamin

“SmartStove has allowed us to enjoy the benefits of having a wood stove while keeping the “stove” part of the equation — namely, the draft adjustments — very hands-off and frustration-free. Keeping up with the wood stove has been reduced to simply adding more wood at the appropriate time, which is critical for us because we have 3 young kids and all the distractions we can handle! SmartStove keeps the stove running, adjusting the draft open or closed as needed.  We can easily crank up the heat output on really cold days or moderate heat output over the long haul for better efficiency. We can load up the stove and go out for the day, and we know the house will be warm when we get back several hours later.  I can even add inadequately dried wood to the stove, and SmartStove never skips a beat.  SmartStove takes an efficient wood stove and makes it practical for everyday use.”

Jennifer Frye in Massachusetts

“It is so easy for us! I’d highly recommend this, it has worked without a flaw. We have no fear of the stove overheating now. I don’t know a whole lot about heating with wood, so this makes it easy for me. We’ve used it for two seasons now. We absolutely love it.”

Kathy McFarland, Dan’s wife was one of the first users to use the SmartStoveTM control system on a daily basis. She usually hates technical things.

“SmartStove has made our lives so much better! We used to have to stay up until midnight to watch the stove so the fire would burn right. At night or during the day now, we throw in wood and don’t have to baby-sit the damper. I am so proud to use this successful invention that my husband designed for us and everyone who heats with wood stoves.”

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