SmartStove User Interface

SmartStove User Interface

What are the benefits of SmartStoveTM?

SmartStoveTM makes heating with wood easier, more consistent and safer.   A wood fire that is operated properly will maximize the heat output from the wood while minimizing any creosote buildup in the chimney.

What is SmartStoveTM?

SmartStoveTM is a control system designed to automate stove controls throughout the combustion cycle of a cordwood insert or stove.  By measuring the stove’s temperature and combining active manipulation of the draft and fan controls, the user is free to go about their life without having to be thinking about constantly making adjustments to keep the fire burning efficiently.

What makes SmartStoveTM such an innovative product?

A wood fire is a very dynamic process that is constantly changing.  To keep this process operating efficiently requires frequent adjustment. However, as one stove retailer told us, many people don’t know how to operate their stoves efficiently.  They either forget to close the draft and overheat the stove, or they close it too soon and hinder the fire.  Additionally, he told us that it is very common for people to neglect their stoves, leading to excessively hot fires that can damage the stove or, worse yet, cause a chimney fire.  A wood stove with a SmartStoveTM control system reduces this risk while bringing convenience, increased efficiency and a host of other benefits. You can see more details about SmartStove here.

The only thing it doesn’t do is load the wood for you.

How does SmartStoveTM work?

SmartStoveTM measures the temperature of the stove.  It combines that information with the user’s specified heat output level to position the stove’s draft control and heat exchange fan speed.  Through active, proportional control of these settings SmartStoveTM balances the heat generated with the heat extracted to maintain optimum stove performance without the need for user monitoring or adjustment.

What do customers think about SmartStoveTM?

Inven Inc.’s control system has received rave reviews from all of our users so far.  Find out what SmartStoveTM users say about this innovative product here.

How was SmartStoveTM developed?

SmartStoveTM was designed by Massachusetts engineer Dan McFarland, after searching for controls for his own stove, he discovered there was nothing available, so he began developing it himself.  In 2005, the first functioning proof-of-concept prototype exceeded expectations, reliably managing the draft control, keeping the fire burning clean and maximizing the burn time.  The next season the capability was added to control the circulator fan speed.  Development continued until the current hardware revision, R6.3 was completed in 2010.

What started as a project to meet personal needs became a much larger project to help others as well.

Where is SmartStoveTM installed?

SmartStoveTM is currently operating on stoves in six U.S. states and Canada.

Can I buy a SmartStoveTM for my wood stove?

Limited numbers of SmartStoveTM pre-production beta systems have been shipped to individuals with robust skills to retrofit their own stoves.  Integrating a control on an existing wood stove can be a rigorous endeavor requiring a broad skillset.

We are working very hard toward volume production of the SmartStoveTM system and integration into commercially available wood stove products.

You can help by contacting your favorite wood stove dealer or manufacturer and asking them when they plan to offer a SmartStoveTM-equipped wood stove.

Read more on the SmartStove Forum.

Read more from Dan McFarland and SmartStove users on the SmartStoveTM forum.

Have more questions?

Check out the SmartStoveTM forum to learn more about the system and even see some photos of integration projects on specific stoves.

If you still have questions, you can contact us directly here