Alliance for Green Heat Introduces SmartStove

SmartStove was featured on the Alliance for Green Heat blog, back in August. With the Wood Stove Decathlon just around the corner now, we wanted to post a link to the story again, which gives the background on how the control system was developed and the details about how it works.

Read an excerpt of the blog post here:

The SmartStoveTM control system was developed to introduce very affordable, modern technology to wood-burning products that seem locked in the past. SmartstoveTM uses a thermocouple, microprocessor, and controller to automate airflow throughout the combustion cycle of the stove. Thus, stoves are not allowed to smolder, not to overfire, but rather to operate at optimal temperatures.

In 1998, Dan McFarland, an electrical engineer, began heating his home with an EPA certified fireplace insert. After six years of what began feeling like babysitting the stove, he searched the web for a control system product to take over for him. After discovering it did not exist, he began formulating a method to develop his own. In 2005, the first functioning proof-of-concept prototype exceeded his expectations, reliably managing the draft control for him, keeping the fire burning clean and maximizing the burn time.

You can read the full post on the Alliance for Green Heat blog.

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