About Founder Dan McFarland

Dan in basement workshop

Dan in basement workshop where he developed SmartStove.

Dan grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and loved the energy independence of heating with wood. He bought a wood stove insert for his own home about 16 years ago. After a few years of heating with wood, he became frustrated because keeping a stove running 24/7 requires a great deal of commitment, which is hard for a busy family. As any stove owner knows, it can feel like babysitting.

He found that in order to keep the stove running right, he had to constantly make adjustments to the draft control and fan speed. As the stove heats up, it is essential to get the draft control closed down gradually, and at just the right time: not too late so as to overheat the stove, yet not too soon so as to stifle the fire. When going to bed, he had to leave the stove at a compromised setting to keep the fire going unattended.

As an electrical engineer, Dan insists on having things running right. When he searched for an existing system in 2004 to manage his stove, he found that no such system existed. Many other homeowners have found the Inven Inc. website, telling Dan similar stories of searching for such a product and discovering SmartStoveTM is the only device available

Dan’s only choice was to develop it himself, to meet his own needs. The resulting system exceeded his expectations and grew into the SmartStoveTM system that is currently operating stoves in six U.S. states and in Canada.

On a more personal note, Dan is committed to operating Inven Inc. with a business model based on honesty and integrity as derived from Judeo-Christian principles originating from the Bible, which are also the same principles that our founding fathers adhered to as they framed the U.S. Constitution.

Dan believes having an understanding that God is our ultimate authority drives our operating protocol as we seek to please Him.  This is our commitment to Him and to all of those we do business with.

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