6 Ways SmartStoveTM Improves Wood Stoves

We’ve found the SmartStoveTM control system improves users’ experience of heating with wood stoves in a number of ways. Our users report the control system has managed their wood stoves year after year, while making the stoves safer, cleaner and easier to use.

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    1. Safety: A clean burning wood fire is a beautiful thing to behold. However, it can also be a very dangerous thing to have in your home. SmartStoveTM has been developed to ensure safety at all times. The standard battery backup system continues to maintain draft control even during a power loss of up to 24 hours. If the stove door is left ajar, creating a situation where draft control is impossible, an over-temperature audible alert will bring attention to the problem. If the battery backup begins to expire, the system shuts down in a fail-safe manner by closing the draft control before going to sleep.
    2. Convenience: SmartStoveTM brings “Load and Go” convenience to heating with wood. Starting with a hot bed of coals from a prior fire, the system allows a user to load the firebox for the night, and then immediately head off to bed without any need to wait around for an hour or more for the fire to reach operating temperature in order to set the draft and fan speed for the rest of the night.
    3. Efficiency: A wood fire is a very dynamic process that changes dramatically throughout its duration. Most people will set the draft and fan speeds twice during a fire: first, to start the fire, and second, when the fire is up to temperature (unless they forget). Due to the dynamic nature of a wood fire, this means that the settings for the stove will be optimum for two short periods during the entire fire. The SmartStoveTM maintains optimum efficiency settings throughout the combustion process.
    4. Cleaner Burn: A clean burning wood fire means a cleaner environment and little or no creosote build up in the chimney. Less creosote means reduced risk of a chimney fire.
    5. Flexibility: The SmartStoveTM system is flash programmable and is designed to be optimized for every stove product into which it is integrated. Every stove is different, so this system is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of every application.
    6. Modular: The modular system configuration enables stove manufacturers to offer multiple price-points in their product line, by omitting optional modules. For example, if a free standing stove does not include a circulating fan, the fan control module can be omitted, reducing the cost. Modules can be added later for additional functionality.
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